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  • Jemma Archer

Milestone Birthday Celebration

The Archers Catering and Events team had a blast recently, hosting a themed birthday party in one of the private function rooms at the Toowoomba Motel & Events Centre.

The birthday lady has always wanted to travel to Africa, so her friends and family decided to arrange a party to bring a taste of Africa to her. She celebrated her milestone birthday in style with a colourful African theme and flavours, and African music and dance provided by the wonderful Hello Africa.

We arranged colourful table linens and napkins, which complemented the lovely decorations brought in by the party.

Chef Adam Archer prepared a customised themed buffet menu, featuring Moroccan Chicken Tagine, South African Boerewors, Moroccan Spiced roasted potatoes and Nigerian Jollof rice. The aromas coming out of the kitchen were fantastic!

Staff served up the delicious buffet dinner, guests had a great time joining in the traditional African dances led by Hello Africa, then after the party guests were able to stay in comfort in the on-site accommodation.

We thoroughly enjoyed hosting this birthday party, congratulations to the birthday lady on her milestone birthday!

If you are planning on hosting a themed party, get in touch with us today to discuss how we can add a personalised touch for you!


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